kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

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Vacations and I Do Not Play Well Together. Not Even on Christmas

I mentioned to BB earlier tonight that I don't believe I've had a completely injury- or illness-free vacation in years. And, I said, it's got to be me at fault, not the vacations. (A bit like the nice boy who wonders why he picks so many mean girls who break up with him ... it's not them, buddy ....) 

The back is still giving me trouble, and that means I still have to ask my beloved for sleeping aids. And that means he does without, so that I can sleep. There are times when I can say in utmost honesty that I don't deserve him. 

The poor man has been fighting our computer system, in an effort to set up a VPN that will allow us to acquire things that aren't anime. That would include, of course, the most recent Christmas special. Unfortunately, in setting up the VPN, our entire intranet system has become inoperable to some extent of which I know nothing. BB will take a run at it tomorrow, but he looks dejected tonight, and I wish I could make him feel better (this is on top of his own health problems, which have been less than pleasant lately. 

I have come to the reluctant conclusion that "Hearts and Moons" will pass the decade mark without completion. I have also come to the more chagrined realization that I may not get any fics done for 
[community profile] fandom_stocking . I'm almost done one, and about two-thirds done with another, but I suspect that I may have to stuff stockings with IOUs again. I think that's why I haven't put a link to my own stocking - which means, of course, that I'm not taking the advice I give to other people. Don't worry that you can't fill all the stockings you want to, I've told people. And here I am, worrying. 
I am a very silly woman. Then again, I am a silly woman in pain, whose closest relationship over the last 36 hours, other than with her beloved, has been with her heating pad. 


But the Christmas tree still looks beautiful. And my collection of TARDIS ornaments now stands at two, thanks to FB and Miss Em, and that's wonderful. So, pain or not, today has not been a total loss. Also, I've learned a lot about narwhals For Reasons, and that's also cool.  
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Tags: computers, fandom stocking, fanfic, holiday fun, pain, writer's block

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