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All Told, Pretty Acceptable

Because he's home, he's home!

So, yeah, as the title says ...

... except for the part where I have honest-to-god influenza, just like my Best Beloved. Because, yes, the medical powers that be first said of BB "Pneumonia and probably influenza," then said, "HA! Joke, Moshe, just pneumonia!" and then, yesterday, as I was coming home from the doctor's appointment where I was diagnosed with influenza, wondering why, when I'd only* been exposed to pneumonia, they phoned to say, "Pysch! We were right the first time - pneumonia and influenza - jackpot!"

I'm on the generic for Tamiflu, and I believe I was diagnosed quickly enough for the med to shorten the virus's span inside me by a couple of days. Whether it lessens the symptoms is not the point. Right now my temp runs between normal (97.9 for me) and 99.4 or 99.5 - so enough of a hike that it isn't comfortable. My throat is killing me; I didn't laugh when the doctor suggested gargling with salt water. That's fine for the kind of sore throat that's scratchy. A flu sore throat is muscular; as if the muscles you use to swallow are inflamed and tender. Salt doesn't do fuck-all for that. Hot fluids on the other hand, do help.

Still, flu or not, I had things I had to do today. I tidied the kitchen, went out and Costco'd for dry cat food and a couple of other necessaries, plus some cranberry orange things that were half cookie and half cake, and very delightful with a hot cup of tea. Last night, before I collapsed, I folded the last of the clean laundry, and now I only have the dirty laundry to deal with. One has no idea how much having an in-unit washer and dryer means until one spends much of the day in bed; then tearing the sheets off and cleaning them is both a luxury and necessary for one's mental health.

I've been keeping an eye on the political landscape, and hoping that the chickens Mueller is feeding become large enough to squash 45 when they come home to roost. Further deponent saith naught because it's fluffy bunny time. Which I declare any time the world starts getting too negatively overwhelming, and I'm talking about or considering that state too much. It's gotten said many times over the last few months. Fluffy bunnies, fluffy bunnies, fluffy bunnies.

I'm into Chapter 30, and it's coming along. It's over 500 words!

I'll stand here and let those of you who can easily push thousands of really good words into good stories within a day snicker. Look, I'm in awe of y'all. I can't write fast, not to save my life. Possibly to save someone else's life ... but I digress.

I have other things to do: I have some meta to read, a friendly Texan to call on the morrow (you know who you are, and you don't know how much your call, as truncated as it had to be on deadline day, lifted my spirits), more writing to do, a little Canadian gloating about our Olympic medal count, along with mourning that our curling and hockey teams lost their various series. Canadians and complacency mix badly. Then I have people's posts to read, and intelligent comments to make on those posts. Yes, a busy day tomorrow.

*For various powers of "only," of course.

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