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Dept. of I Still Exist

I Do Indeed Exist

Although I haven't done much posting. I did manage to get another chapter of Hearts & Moons uploaded, and the next chapter is about 2/3rds done. (I'm not talking any more about "last chapter" because I don't want to be like the boy who cried wolf, which was what I was in danger of becoming. We shall see what happens over the next little while, and I shall endeavor not to jinx myself.)

Bob and I are largely recovered from what various doctors finally decided was the "bacterial flu." Whatever. If they couldn't figure out what it was, and if the blood tests didn't help the detective work, then by all means, call it what you will. We both ended up taking antibiotics. I really don't like taking them, firstly because I really don't want to be in absolute need of them somewhere down the road, only to learn that no antibiotic will work on me and, secondly, because antibiotics make everything taste weird and do unpleasant things to the necessary biota in one's body. 

Still, much better, so hurrah for antibiotics. 

I am into the third week with my new boss. I haven't killed him. Only 30 more months ....

Bob and I went to see "Black Panther" on Friday, and if you haven't gone to see it yet, try to make time for it. It's pretty much glorious. Next on my list: "A Wrinkle in Time."
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Mar. 12th, 2018 02:22 pm (UTC)
I share your leeriness of antibiotics. I also worry about needing something down the line, only to find nothing works. As far as the stuff messing up your guts, I've found that Culturelle, twice a day, works wonders. I had been taking it once a day, but it wasn't strong enough, so I added a second dose in the evening. That was the magic bullet.

LOL about not killing your boss yet.

Fingers crossed you're able to bring H&M to a satisfactory conclusion.
Mar. 14th, 2018 02:05 am (UTC)
After today I may be closer to killing him. More later ... grrr....
Mar. 12th, 2018 09:24 pm (UTC)
Glad you and Bob got better!

*hugs* <3
Mar. 14th, 2018 02:03 am (UTC)
Thanks, my dear.
Mar. 13th, 2018 03:49 am (UTC)
Bless you. I totally understand wariness when it comes to antibiotics. Still...glad you had them!! (WHAT is with the weird illnesses they can't pin down anymore?? Ye gods...)

Dude. You are rocking it with the ficcing!! I just need to be rocking it with the reading!

LOL!! Dude. Rose gardens. Just think...I'm too tired to cultivate a rose garden for his ass and you will make it.

Mar. 19th, 2018 03:27 am (UTC)
A much belated greeting, my dear - I'm still fighting off the last of whatever the hell it was that hit the two of us. Apparently my body is not yet done being unhealthy. Gah.

But I finished Chapter 30, and will be able to put it up, once BB has edited it.

After that? Epilogue, I think.

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