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Dept. of Welcome to the Working Week

Post Weekend Fun Roundup

As Elvis Costello said, welcome to the working week - know it don't thrill you, hope it won't kill you. 

As weekends go, this past one was less than optimal. That was due to the preceding week also being less than optimal. Still, there were glints and glimmers of better things hiding in both. 

First, the most unimpressive part of the weekend. Bob's back in hospital. He started developing what we both fervently hoped was a chest cold back last Wednesday. Fervent hopes, as they often are, weren't worth the aether upon which they were wished. After increasing chest congestion, and a Saturday night during which, Bob admitted in the morning, he managed to scare himself by being almost unable to catch his breath after walking to the bathroom and back, we headed for the emergency room. The good news: it isn't pneumonia, according to the x-ray. Also good, he got admitted and into a room in only 4.5 hours, rather than the slightly more than 4.5 hours last time. Sigh. I'm hoping that he'll be sprung today, but I really want the infection (yes, they've decided that's what he has. Viral? Bacterial?  \_(' ')_/ So, more antibiotics that he might not actually need. Argh.)

This all took place against a background of, well ... my back. It's in what I think of as "moderate pre-spasm" mode. I know, as sure as the sun rises in the east but doesn't warm Chicago up, that it's stress. Last week was a better week with The Boss from Heck, and we even had a weekly meeting that was almost pleasant, but the underlying low-level tension and irritation finally presented as back fun. I'm attempting to keep it at bay, because I'm going to try to work today. 

Jerry Minkkinen's memorial was Saturday; one of my newsroom and Guild friends, Mike, came with me all the way to Farthest Schaumburg for the memorial. It was almost like old home week. A lot of hugs from Guild folks I hadn't seen in years. We agreed it sucked that we had to see each other for this reason, but it was good to see each other, nonetheless. And we got a chance to tell Jerry's son and brother how much Jerry meant to us. In fact, the president of the national News Guild flew in from D.C. just for the memorial, and he spoke, telling the family that Jerry had sacrificed much of his family life to the union. "I want to tell you that I'm sorry for that," the president said, before going on to say that their sacrifice had helped untold numbers of people, but that the apology was needed. I thought that was spot on, and not something a lot of uinion folks would have said. 

Alright, it's back to work/hospital. We here at Casa Kaffyr sure do know how to have fun. 
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Apr. 23rd, 2018 08:06 pm (UTC)
I totally get it about the stress/ back pain thing. With me, it's more like my neck and shoulder, but it's as predictable as the sun rising and not warming up Boston (heh). Except for mid-June through mid-August, when the sun rises and flame-broils Boston.

I really hope Bob is okay!
Apr. 23rd, 2018 10:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the hopes; we weren't able to spring him today, and his lung function still seems to be pretty awful. As he said, he's getting enough oxygen now, thanks to him having an oxygen cannula, but his lungs don't realize it, and they're working overtime. So, subsequently, is his heart. I'm working in the hospital's business center right now, and will shortly go back up to his room to try to make him feel a little better. He's pretty down.

When it comes to that, my back seems like a very little problem.
Apr. 23rd, 2018 08:41 pm (UTC)
Oh god, I'm sorry. I hope Bob recovers soon, and your back feels better soon ♥ *hugs you*
Apr. 23rd, 2018 10:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the hugs. I need them. So does Bob, but I don't want to hug him too hard; he's already having a difficult enough time breathing. :(
Apr. 24th, 2018 08:27 pm (UTC)
Mental hugs it is then :(

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