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Some Nights Just Call for Roxy Music. And Eno.

Way back in 1995, a music journalist named Rob Chapman wrote a piece on Roxy Music, entitled "They Came From Planet Bacofoil", and something reminded me of the piece, which was very good. I was pleased to see that you can still find it (without the pictures of the deliciously ridiculous early Roxy Music sartorial choices that generated the title). Here it is. 

It made me nostalgic for two ends of Roxy's musical spectrum: the dreamy sound-poems of late Roxy and early solo Bryan Ferry (when he could keep guitarist Phil Manzanera under control), and Brian Eno's early masterpieces, featuring Robert Fripp's gloriously insane work. (Actually, I love later Eno as well, but tonight I was thinking more "Baby's On Fire," to which BB introduced me so many years ago.)

So without further ado, let's start with something ... energetic: 

And then cool down with something beautifully, romantically morose.  

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Tags: music, woo-hoo!

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