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updates, updates, updates

Satisfaction, Satisfaction, Sadness and Squick
     I've had myself a weekend, and I've had myself a Sunday, and for the most part I'm feeling OK about it. Them. Whatever. And now we go under the cut, like it says.
  • First, I had a very enjoyable evening Saturday, over at our friend Jack's. Just five friends and lots of good food and discussion. The downside was that BB couldn't come along, because he felt miserable - half unshakeable weariness, half all-over body aches. Today, he guessed that a new anti-migraine medication one of his doctors is trying him on has caused the involuntary hibernation; a shame, since it had been working quite nicely. A good party, a necessary piece of medical detection - both good.  
  • In the: Yes, I Am Clearly An Obsessive Fangirl category, I spent about four hours going through all the recommended stories on the Calufrax site, getting their names, so that I won't inadvertently recommend one that's already had that honor when I pull a week of recc'ing duties. Printed out every story title - gosh, there are a lot of 26,000-word titles out there in the world. Folks, every time you put a 26,000 word title on your fic, a moron like me gets carpal tunnel syndrome. Please think of the stupidly obsessive fangirl types who forgot to use the damned Notepad function. And, yes, I've used at least one or two 26,000 thousand titles. (Yes. Four hours. What?)
  • This morning, I phoned my Dad and my brother. The first I'd meant to do for a couple of weeks, but had avoided - and for no other reason than that he's become harder to communicate with since moving into the assisted living residence. When I stop talking, he is silent, or obviously working hard to come up with something to say. I feel so bad, and so frustrated with myself, but I am continuing to write letters to him, and include a self-addressed stamped envelope so he's encouraged to communicate that way, and it might be easier for him. Talking to my brother later just made my heart ache. His heart is so torn up, and so empty since his marriage broke up, and there isn't a damned thing I can do for him except tell him I love him. I'll keep doing it.
  • In between watching fast, strong, flexible, determined people in various states of undress, sports dress and spandex sparkles in The Middle Kingdom, I turned to WTTW and saw, to my delight, Masterpiece and, lo, it was an Inspector Lynley mystery, y'all! Woo-hoo! w00t, even!!!  I love Inspector Lynley (Nathaniel Parker) and Sergeant Havers (Sharon Small). But as I watched the story, "Know Thine Enemy" I felt a little sick, because it was way too frakkin' reminiscent of the Bernardo-Homulka murders of Canadian infamy. The actress playing the female criminal (the wonderfully-named Honeysuckle Weeks, really sold her character. Christ.
And that's the report from CasaKaffyr, boys and girls. I kept it under the cut because it's so long. If you got to this line of print, why, then  - thank you.
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