kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Giving In And Meming

Specifically, the AO3 meme, just because. It amused me to see how few comments I've gotten over the years since I started posting. One note: I didn't include the nine meta commentaries I wrote because they're not stories. Well, we're all stories in the end, but ....

Account created:
 Nov. 17, 2009
Total stories: 105 (plus 9 non-fiction metas)
Total word count: 385,527, w/o metas; (186,354 w/o  2 novels)
Average word count:  3,671 (w/novels); 1,809 (w/o novels) 
Longest story: Hearts and Moons, 116,887 (w/novels) or Redeeming the Tree, 8,868 (w/o)
Shortest story: Eternity, 98 words
Total kudos:  1,999
Average kudos per story: 19
Story with most kudos: Doctors and Nurses, 98
Total comments: 178
Comments per story: 1.7 (Go figure - averages ....)
Story with most comments: Timing, As Always, Is Everything
Total author subscriptions: 14
Total story subscriptions: 18
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Tags: fandom, meme, self-absorption, silly

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