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Dept. of Seattle

Cats Safely Delivered, Humans Recovering

I thought of titling this "Eight Hours, My Ass." That's what the vets told us about the sedative they said was safe to give to Tommy and Lily for the trip from Chicago to Seattle.

Well, after the fun of chasing them around our place, capturing them with much blood loss on our part, and forcing the pills down their throats, after almost a full day of having no food or water (again, something that was advised, this in some reading I did about traveling with cats or other pets; feed them very little before the trip, so they won't be stressed by potentially having to spend time in a carrier with their own excrement), we figured they'd be zoned out within the hour. 

They were still yowling a bit on the interminable Friday afternoon drive to O'Hare, for which we owe our friend Jack many, many thanks, but seemed to be pretty somnolent when we had to haul them out of their carriers for the TSA people to inspect. Yes, they needed to check our dangerous purple soft-sided carriers.

Then we had to wait while the Air Alaska personnel got word from Seattle that it was OK to start on the journey. We hadn't known until then that Sea-Tac is down one runway. We were on hold for half an hour and then it was - and I kid you not - "Everyone for Flight 51 has to board right NOW, if we're not in the air by 6:08 (it was 5:52 or so), we won't be able to fly until 11 p.m., Hurry, Hurry!" And then, of course, we didn't get up in the air until 7 p.m.

But just as we were walking down the ramp to get onto the plane - they woke up. And yowled. And yowled.  For all of a four-hour flight. Well, to be fair, Tommy stayed pretty 'luded out for about 2.5 hours, and Lily would stop for 10 minutes or so at a time, and the plane was loud enough that people couldn't hear a lot of her howling. But I was painfully aware of its effects on those who could hear it. More awfully, I was aware of how much they hated being in the carriers - by this time, four hours before we even got off the ground - and I sympathized with their occasionally desperate attempts to claw themselves out.

I also almost let Lily out because I made the mistake of reaching inside the carrier to try to pet her. She quickly realized that she could her head and one paw out past my hand. My life passed before my eyes as I imagined the headlines: "Escaped cat terrorizes plane full of horrified passengers." Luckily, I was able to force her head back inside without inadvertently breaking her neck. 

Another problem we had during the flight; we had to put our regular carry-on stuff, my purse and Bob's backpack, in the overheads because the cats were under our seats. And of course, we were all being loaded onto the plane so fast that we didn't get a chance to get our Kindles out before we had to sit down. And  I forgot to get my painkillers out of my purse. And neither of us wanted to get up and away from the cats to rummage around the overhead, thereby bothering people even more ....

But we made it. We all made it, and the cats are with their beloved humans, and we were able to sleep happily, knowing that we had delivered them. And we had a pretty cool day here in Edmonds, recovering. Tomorrow we go to downtown Seattle to do Touristy Things (including the Chihuly museum.) So the vacation part of my vacation has started. I'll finish with this picture of Bob, Andy, and Em at the cafe where we had brunch today.) 

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