kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Inevitability


So the cancer has returned in our little black cat. Bob found two lumps along his throat, that popped up seemingly overnight, and he's been lethargic for the last week or so. Took him in to the vet. She did a needle biopsy, looked at it, and apparently told Bob that there was no need to send it to the lab. Bob said she used the word "aggressive" and I guess it won't be long. When he seems to be in bad discomfort or pain, we'll call for the same vet that eased Alex across the bridge to come.

Last September, the diagnoses we got was such that we were expecting only two to five more months with him. We got so much more than that, so I should feel grateful. We'd actually started wondering if the initial operation, to take the tumor out of his ear, had been more successful than the team told us it was. I guess not. Still, a few extra months with our most excellent pussycat. I need to remember that.

What a day. What a fucking day.

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Tags: cats!, family, pain
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