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Dept. of Miscellaneous

Various Things Make a List

1. There are several people out there who have had recent birthdays. and if I have any brainpower left over the next 24 hours, I'll wish them proper natal salutations.
2. My company is once again planning its traditional pre-holiday layoffs. This year they come with potential buyouts. I am talking seriously with Bob about whether this is a possibility for me - as in, how desperately poor can we be and still keep the condo, and afford medications. The talk will have to be done quickly, since people have to put in for buyout consideration in less than a week. My company ... swear to god ....
3. Our remaining kitty, Opie, is driving us spare with constant vocalization. but we know it's because he's desperately lonely. We''ll be looking at the idea of finding him a new buddy sometime very soon.
4. Stan Lee has died.He had many faults, and his death wasn't unexpected but I'm still sad, because I
 fell in love with comics as a kid, with Fantastic Four's fight with Dragon Man.
5. Today is Veterans Day in the U.S. I grew up with Remembrance Day in Canada, and the relative diminution of the commemoration down here still bothers me somewhat.

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Nov. 13th, 2018 09:02 pm (UTC)
Nov. 14th, 2018 07:00 am (UTC)
*sigh* Yeah. When I saw that announcement on Feder's website, you are literally the first person I thought of. It's tough. Normally, I would encourage you to try to stick it out, but given the circumstances...

As for Veterans Day... while I can see why Americans taking a commemoration of a specific war and making it generic is eyeroll-inducing (and stereotypically American), on a personal level, I'm kind of glad it is a generic veteran holiday, given my country's...complicated role in World War I. At least this way, I can celebrate American and Russian veterans.

(On a related note, back in Motherland... It seems like within my lifetime, Defedner of the Fatherland Day somehow evolved into a more generic "day of man," as sort of the weird masculine counterpart of International Women's Day. While still retaining military celebrations component. At least American Veterans Day kept the military theme)
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