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Dept. of Birthdays

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!!

mack_the_spoonand [personal profile] namarie24 two of the finest young women, and nicest fans, that it's been my pleasure to meet both online and in person. It was a lucky day for me when we first said hello over at Television Without Pity's Doctor Who meet market (far better named LINDA.)

They're creative (I know, because I've had the enjoyment of reading some of their fic), fun, lovers of kitties and Dr. Who, dedicated to their lives' work and just in general a joy to know. I hope one day to host you again chez Casa Kaffyr, and perhaps to cook you a meal or at least order a Chicago pizza for you.

Happy Birthday to both of you!

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Nov. 25th, 2018 07:13 am (UTC)
Thank you! <3 My life has certainly been enriched by knowing you, both online and in-person. I very much hope we do get the chance to spend more time together IRL someday!
Nov. 25th, 2018 08:01 pm (UTC)
I'm sure we will do it, as irrational as that might sound!
Nov. 25th, 2018 07:14 am (UTC)
(This is Mack, who is *still* too lazy to find her LJ password)
Awwww, thank you so much!

I'm so glad we 'met' online, and then met up in person. And yes indeed, I would love to go visit you again sometime. <3
Nov. 25th, 2018 08:03 pm (UTC)
Re: (This is Mack, who is *still* too lazy to find her LJ password)
(This is Mack, who is *still* too lazy to find her LJ password)

Which is why I always put my privacy in danger by using the same old easy to remember passwords. I'm not very smart that way. Heh.

May the coming holidays be good for you!
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