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Dept. of Poetry

Today is World Poetry Day

I haven't written poetry in a long time; I'm not sure why. Years ago, I wrote more. Because it's World Poetry Day, and because next month is National Poetry Month, I went back to look for something to share, something I've done occasionally over the years.

So here, have this, because what I wrote in my last post reminded me of the ones I love.

Heaven Is a Formula

I believe and believe and believe
with the front of my brain and my heart.
I whisper “x equals--”, “x equals--”, “x equals--”
and tilt my head, thrust my jaw...
How long do I ignore them?
Unacknowledged but perceived, to the side -
gravity, airless space,
forward rushing time.

Now I think,
“Formulae are dynamic.
They grow and diminish, they create and destroy.
They are alive,
and so inform the universe.”

Either this is all true
or it is not.
I am the extra weight,
I am the final sine.
Greater than.
Less than.
I am part of the formula
that powers the stars in their paths.
I defy gravity and smash against rocks, triumphant.
I breathe in vacuum --
my head explodes in victory.
The heat death of the universe is reversed.
Mine the hand.
Mine the mind.
Mine the terrified heart.
And, look!
My grandmother lives again.

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Tags: family, love like burning, poetry, self-absorption

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