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Dept. of Resurfacing. Again.

So, Perhaps Some Music?

So there were two days or so of stomach bug, two days or so of unhappy response to the supposed Mueller report findings, a couple of days of BB being hit by various ailments, and all of a sudden, I"m back to ghosting myself. That's particularly sad, given all the interesting questions folks gave me to answer. 

I'll return to posting answers to those questions, possibly tomorrow. Today I'm going to indulge myself with music, specifically the opening tunes to two of my favorite anime titles in the current cour; Dororo and The Promised Neverland. Not only are both series fantastic to watch, but their opening musical pieces rise to the same level as the stories and art in both. 


This most recent anime remake of an Osamo Tezuka manga (an original anime was made in 1969 - 50 years ago, which threw me for a loop) tells its fantasy story of Warring States Japan, and a mercilessly ambitious daimyo who sells his firstborn to demons in order to gain power and luck, with beautiful art and a remarkably stately pace punctuated by well-developed action. The music for the first opening captures the story's feel as far as I'm concerned. Queen Bee, the English name for the group that performs the theme has a longer version here, and I've liked their other work.

The Promised Neverland

I may personally like Dororo a hair's breadth more than this elegant marriage of (largely unseen) horror and thoughtful coming of age, but it is only by that hair's breadth - and The Promised Neverland is arguably a slightly better title (I can, in my old age, occasionally differentiate between my personal tastes and the potentially objective reality. The Promised Neverland is never less than fully engrossing; the premise is horrifying, the characters are well-drawn and nearly always heart-breaking. The opening music theme is an infectious forward rush underlaid with ominous basso whispers, and, as in the case with the Dororo theme, perfectly captures the feel of the story. 

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Mar. 30th, 2019 01:42 am (UTC)
I hope you are better now, lovie. I'm not overly happy with what happened with Mueller and the report - but it makes me want that report even more. I do not trust a man so heavily involved in GOP fuckery and shenanigans of the worst stripe (Iran-Contra, anyone?) to be honest and forthright with such an important document.

I did love what Schiff did though. He stung them bastards right proper and made them look foolish. But that wasn't hard I'm sure.

That is one of the MANY reasons the Trailer for the new Borderlands 3 coming out gave me such a happy squeal.

I want NORMAL back...meh.

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