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Dept. of Easter

A Thought From An Unbeliever

Easter Sunday is almost over here, and long past elsewhere, but since I've been fiddling around with this idea for a couple of days, I figured I could post it. 

I'm ambivalent, to say the very least about religions; somewhat less so about faith. However, I find at least one thing intriguing and almost positive about Christian Easter.

There are lots of examples of humans sacrificing to gods to say a) please don't kill me, b) please give me something, c) thank you for not killing me, d) thank you for giving me something. Easter is one of the few examples I know of during which a god supposedly sacrifices itself for humans. 

I'm sure folks could provide me with lots of other examples of that sort of thing. I'd be interested in hearing about them.

And to those among my friends who are believers, may Easter have been a day of joy for you. 
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Tags: holy days, meanderings

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