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Birthdays at the Year's Halfway Point

It's June! It's the middle of June! Here in Chicago, warm weather can't gain any purchase (today is cloudy, windy, and hovering only in the low 50s Fahrenheit). To keep myself warm and to celebrate people I know and like, here are some birthdays and birthday wishes. I never seem to be on time, but the wishes are sincere. 

[personal profile] acciochocolate , she of costuming know-how, icon creation, and perfumery love, celebrated on June 8. She's thoughtful, fannish, a Whovian who shares my love of that Whoniverse, and I am glad I met her on these here intarwebz. Many delayed happy returns of the day!

[personal profile] earlgreytea68  also celebrated on June 8. She's an author of both original fiction and excellent fanfic; an attorney with insights into how law can intersect with music, with fandom, and more, a teacher, and an adventurer who has been unafraid to pull up stakes and travel to new surroundings. Happy birthday!

[personal profile] livii , who is no longer around these parts as far as I know, had a June 9 birthday. When I first fell into Who fandom, especially the fanfic part of it, she was someone whose work I aspired to emulate in quality, and whose comments and critiques I was glad to receive. She comes from My Home and Native Land, is a dedicated mother, a thoughtful progressive, and I hope someday to interact with her again.

[personal profile] time_converges  had a birthday on June 11. She, like too many people, isn't around much these days, but she is someone of whom I am fond; we share fannish affection for the Whoniverse (especially Donna Noble), for BSG, for fic writing and reading, and much more. Felicitations on your natal anniversary - I hope it was a good one!

And finally, today - this very day - 
[personal profile] eaweek  celebrated. Happy Birthday! She loves fandom, from the Whoniverse in general to specific things like costuming (which is very cool), she's a figure-skating aficionado, she is organized, doesn't suffer fools gladly, and in general is a wonderful person to know. Once again - Happy Birthday!!

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