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Dept. of Birthdays

Reportorial and Fannish Quality

[personal profile] strannik01 had both in abundance, and I'm glad to have made his acquaintance. He's still on active Fourth Estate duty, serving democracy by letting the readers in his communities know what is going on to, around, and for them. He does his work carefully, checks facts, then write stories that are clear and filled with information.

I actually met him online via his fannish interests, then discovered to my delight that his stomping grounds were relatively close to mine. We've had the chance to have coffee at least once, and I hope we can set another date to chat. He's witty and observant (qualities necessary to both journalism and fandom), and his knowledge of politics and culture east of Poland and the Baltic states will surely prove illuminating these days.

I hope your birthday finds you with friends or family, or both, and that the day proceeds happily despite it being all too wet in our neck of the woods. Happy, happy birthday!

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