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A Seagoing Apology of Sorts

After having posted that brain-bleach-necessitating YouTube clip the other night, I'd like to present something far, far more lovely. While I'm not a fan of Stan Rogers for various reasons, he does write well, and he has a gorgeous voice. This is one of his songs that I just discovered, thanks to 
[personal profile] carbonel , and which I'll add to my small "Wow, this is great" list of Rogers songs. 

The original Bluenose, a fishing schooner whose home port was Lunenburg, and whose racing pedigree was unmatched, is such a Canadian icon that, as is mentioned in the song, her portrait graces the Canadian dime. She beat rich American sailing crews, even though she was a working fishing vessel. And when this song mentions that fact, my eyes filled with tears.

(There are actually two other songs about the Bluenose on YouTube, both of which were relatively popular in Canada. Neither of them match the poetry of Rogers' song, but this one is burned into my young brain, because it was played incessantly on Canadian radio and television around the time of the Bluenose II's launch. It's a better song than this one, at least to my mind.) 

Here's a National Film Board short on the original, ending in a particularly Canadian way with her sad demise, and here's a silly piece from Canadian comedy writer and performer Rick Mercer. I giggled quite immaturely at some of it; it's the kind of Canadian humor that I recognize immediately, but can't really explain why I recognize it. 

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