kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Domestic Physics

My Desk Is A Black Hole

Or more precisely, it's a black hole that can drive in reverse.

Remember how we found Bob's passport in one of the desk's drawers, one that we'd searched multiple times? Well here's what happened today.

As you may recall, I had to order new checks because the checks I'd previously ordered had gone missing. I assumed that I'd mistakenly thrown the new checks out. After ordering a second set of checks, I joked with Bob that the original "new" checks would reappear soon after the second set of new checks arrived in the mail. Of course that wouldn't happen, because I'd thrown them out.

This morning, I found the supposedly trashed checks in a pile of paper on top of the desk. A pile both Bob and I had searched before.

Now the nice thing is that those checks are still usable, unlike the cancelled passport. But sweet lord, this desk! It taketh, and it ... uhm ... returneth. 

Paging Richard Feynman ....
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Tags: home, life in the circus, skience!, wtf?

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