kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Birthdays

To A Mistress of Meta

Many happy returns of the almost completed day to 
[personal profile] elisi . I think I've said on many occasions how much I respect her fannish writing abilities, whether those are her fics - which are emotionally mature and rich with imagery - and her meticulous, observant, and sometimes breathtakingly daring metas.

All of that bears repeating, though. I believe that when we in fandom talk about how our world can seamlessly blend geeky passion with intellectual rigor, 
[personal profile] elisi 's the kind of writer to which we refer.  There may be times I disagree with her, and those few and far between, but I have never ever regretted reading anything she's written. Nor have I regretted engaging with her, and being inspired by her to be a better writer, a better observer, a more careful thinker. 

Outside of fandom, it's clear that she is simply a lovely person, and I feel very lucky to have made her acquaintance. So here's hoping you had a particularly good birthday with your family and friends, and may the rest of the year be equally fantastic.
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