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Dept. of Holiday Traditions

Cards! I'm Sending Cards!

For various reasons, largely because we are tired this year, and because my regular post-buyout Trib checks have ended and my Social Security won't start for a couple of months, and the Guild pay is intermittent, BB and I are not doing Christmas. That means for the first time in years, we haven't gone out and bought a Christmas tree; we haven't trooped to the storage locker to bring up our decorations; we're not planning a Christmas dinner. 

We have planned gifts for our nearest and dearest; I've bought things all year, pretty much as my Nana and mother did all their lives, and now we have to decide who to give what to.

And one other thing I refuse to give up; sending Christmas and holiday cards. I love doing that. I love finding cards of all kinds, and deciding which would suit which person. I love putting some kind of personal message into each card. (I used to write up one of those dreaded holiday letters, but that stopped shortly after my son hit puberty. Too bad, in a way ... some of them were weird-ass wonders, if I do say so myself. But I digress.)

Anyhow, I've sent out 61 cards so far, and have a few more to send out - and I want to hear from you, if you'd like a card. DM me with your snail mail address, and I'll send you one. I don't need a card back; we're communicating no matter what. 

Since I've also sent out a few e-cards (Jackie Lawson cards FTW), if you'd like one of those instead, let me know. 

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