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Fashion Rearward

Things You Don't Do
     ...on Project Runway, Terri: 1) slag off your team mate, especially when you didn't use him - at all - in a challenge where you needed to work with a team mate; 2) slag off your team mate and not listen to him; 3) slag off your team mate.  Oh, and 4) slag off your team mate.
     Seriously, woman - you had it in you to go all the way to Bryant Park. You had  taste (I liked the piece you did, although the judges didn't), and style. But you didn't play well with others. I'm disappointed, because I'd been backing you, and hated to see the signs of rudeness and meanness coming out. I really hope you do well in the future - just learn to be a better person, and your designs will go far.

Tags: project runway, shallow, television
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