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Thank You, Canada

You bore me, you let me grow, you made me into who I am.

Thank you for everything: donairs, the Pocket Rocket, Bruce Cockburn, Pierre Elliott Trudeau damnhisbrillianteyes, thank you for Montreal and Ottawa, Winnipeg and Whitehorse, Vancouver and Halifax my Halifax, for the Mi'kmaq and Wet'suwet'en First Nations, for the Northwest Passage, for Hockey Night in Canada, for Chris Hadfield and Alexander Graham Bell, for the Acadians who returned despite Britain, for those who died at Passchendaele and Juno Beach, for Angele Arsenault, for Oscar Peterson and Glenn Gould, for Rita Joe and George Elliott Clarke, for Sarah McLachlan and Anne Murray, for Adrienne Clarkson and Michaelle Jean, for the Northern Lights and Lester Pearson and Banting and Best, for the Second City and its graduates, for Paul Gross, for the McGarricles and Rufus Wainwright and Arcade Fire and Margaret Atwood and Mordechai Richler, for Wayne and Shuster, and The Friendly Giant and the CBC ...

... for Mary Glen Keirstead and Bill Routliffe, for Margaret Barss Stackhouse and Ronald McNeill Keirstead, for Warren McNeill Routliffe. For everyone I've been blessed to know and love in Canada.

Thank you.

And before this gets too maudlin, have a couple of Canadian-themed motivator posters, courtesy of the Motivator Thread at Television Without Pity, of blessed memory.

Tags: canada, love like burning

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