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Dept. of Family

Too Many Pastries, Just Enough Son

Knowing that Andy was coming home, I went to Bennisons Bakery in Evanston and got a mixed box of apple fritters, doughnuts, and iced fruit scones. He's not a big sweets fan, but he really likes Bennisons. (As one should. It's a
n awesome bakery.) It was a great idea. 

Except that it really wasn't. It was a strategic mistake.

See, items in the Bennison box were also calling to me with the sweet siren melody of sugar. Lots of sugar. And carbs. Dear lord, the gloriously starchy carbs. I could not resist them. 

I've officially had Too Damn Many, and have instructed my offspring to eat the remaining evil goodness. I've been eating raw green beans and drinking barley green tea to try to get my brain out of "Pour as much chocolate syrup, melted ice cream and simple syrup over this doughnut as possible, then stuff it down my throat and I will die happy" mode. 

Still, it's been a pretty good day, even if totally unpredicted traffic problems forced me to give up my first volunteer shift with the Chicago Food Depository. I let them know why I didn't turn up, and they seemed to be pleased that I'd done so. I will reschedule another shift after Andy returns to Seattle. 

We ended the day with Chicago deep dish pizza, an unexpected but delightful call from 
[personal profile] a_phoenixdragon , and now I'm going to collapse and enjoy sleeping. 

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