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Belated Meme Offering
It goes like this (as if half of Western Civilization hadn't already played with this and put it back in the closet simply days and days ago.)

1) Comment on this post
2) Wham! You'll get one of the 26 fine letters of the Western, non-Cyrillic Alphabet to do with as you will!!! Or, you know, try door #3 ...
3) ... Which is to think of five fictional characters whose name (first, last, secret, emblazoned-upon-the-stars, whatever) starts with said letter.

Which leads me to the following -

Way back on Sept. 4, I read this over on the lj of
mack_the_spoon , and I bravely asked her for a letter. I got L, and I completely went blank. It took me far too long to figure out my five fictional L characters. But I finally did,and they're here, beneath this cut.

Leela, warrior and companion to the Fourth Doctor. She rocked the fake "savage" leather, she kept the Fourth Doctor amused, she was willing to fight Giant Rats in the sewers of London, if not Sumatra, and then she  ditched the square for a good looking guy in a red cape and helmet. (After which she apparently went on to be a wartime guardian of the Lady President of Gallifrey, and died with all those non-Doctoral or Masterish Gallifreyans, per canon and/or fanon. Should have stuck with the square.) Louise Jameson didn't have a lot to work with, but she still managed to be pretty awesome.

La of Opar. Yes, I have completely dated myself here, with mention of the High Priestess of savage Opar, an early character in the almost never-ending saga of Tarzan of the Apes. Edgar Rice Burroughs, who was never one to let savage pulchritude slip through his purpled fingers without making it part of a breathless adventure, tells us that she fell hopelessly in love with Lord Greystoke in Tarzan #2 (The Return of Tarzan, I think), but gave him up because ... would it be too much to ask that she gave him up because he was dreadfully boring? Yeah? Yeah. But she looked good in beaten copper brassieres, and commanded hordes of little ugly followers. What's not to love?

Lucy Cole Saxon
(aka Mrs. Harold Saxon, also known as Mrs. Master and, for some powers of slashiness, Mrs. Beard.) Lucy Saxon: helpless victim driven mad and forced to dance to the Scissor Sisters, or closet murderous psychopathess in sensible heels, the better to dance in while one in ten humans died? Which, and why? Discuss.

Llana of Gathol. Another creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs, this one from his Mars series. She's the incomparably beautiful granddaughter of John Carter of Mars, daughter of the incomparably beautiful Tara of Helium, herself the daughter of the incomparable Dejah Thoris. Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. She apparently looks good in pounded copper brassieres, too.

Lysistrata, Aristophanes' proto-feminist Sexual General for Peace.

No, I'm kidding.

Lynda Moss A nervous heroine and martyr in a brief, hopeless war, in the year 200,100. I love her a great deal. Yes, it's Dr. Who, Bad Wolf and Parting of the Ways, among Uncle Rusty's greatest Who adventures (for loving much, and crying much.) I do indeed adore her; she's just the kind of character for whom fanfic is a notable restorative.


Tags: fandom, meme, silly, skiffy
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