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Dept. of Monday

Garlic and Ginger and ex-GOPers, Oh My

The entire house is redolent of fried garlic and ginger, thanks to my decision to cook this particular recipe. It turned out rather well, although I know that my body is not going to be happy with the oil content. (I mean, I put a little less oil in the recipe than it called for, and I definitely did not put egg yolks and dollops of butter on top of the dish, as the recipe called for ... yeesh ... but it definitely was tasty, rather than healthy.)

The next time I make it, it will be with day-old cold rice, rather than rice made earlier today. It was a little too glutinous, despite the considerable rinsing of starch that I normally do with rice of any kind, particularly short grain. But the carefully fried minced ginger and  garlic - seven cloves, thank you very much, and we are oh, so lucky, that the condo above us is currently empty, else we might be dealing with garlic-suffused neighbors demanding to know why the hell SEVEN CLOVES??!? -  was heavenly. The ability to use up some of my home made curry bricks was the garlicky cherry on top as far as I was concerned. 

After reading this Mother Jones story by David Corn, I want to get "It Was All A Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump", by former Republican political operative Stuart Stevens. Unlike a lot of current or former Republicans and various assorted conservatives, this guy takes full responsibility for his part in the noxious quagmire into which the Grand Old Party has been turning over at least the past 50 years. I had to read the Mother Jones story to BB, because it echoes so closely what he and I have said in our own discussions. 

That's about it, folks: too much garlic and just enough political mea culpa. 
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