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Dept. of Never Catching Up, Redux

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

There are so many people whose birthdays took place this month, and who I really like, and to whom I didn't wish felicitations. All of you deserve so much more than what I'm going to try - describing each of you in 5 words or phrases - but believe me, you are all important to me.

*deep breath*  Let's try this:

[personal profile] rmjwell (4 Oct.) photographer, burlesque-booster, ex-Chicagoan, smart, funny.
[personal profile] supergee (6 Oct.) trufan and zinemeister, American football fan, dryly witty, kind, world observer.
[personal profile] heatherbelles (6 Oct.) fun-loving, history maven, LINDA founding mother, Whovian, museum expert.
[personal profile] carbonel , (11 Oct.) low-key, yarn artist, slash fic fan, word-and-music-lover, Cubs faithful.
[personal profile] brithistorian (15 Oct.) K-Pop aficionado, art specialist, family lover, SFF and fic fan, welcoming.
Andrew Louis McNeill Berlien (20 Oct.) Beloved son, musician, husband, photographer, funny as hell. (I'm so lucky that he's my son.)

[personal profile] editrx (21 Oct.) stalwart, gifted editor, martini connoisseur, brave, deserving of good things.
[personal profile] a_phoenixdragon (21 Oct.) effervescent, unstoppable, gloriously talented writer, tough as nails mom, delightful Whovian.
[personal profile] elisi (22 Oct), Who fan, meta mistress, gentle, poetic, kind.
[personal profile] lolmac (24 Oct.) laugh-out-loud funny, Richard Dean Anderson LOLmeme creator, fic writer, good person, missing-in-action and missed.
[personal profile] cosmiccoz (24 Oct.) sweet, artistic, determined, Whovian, Black Sails fan.

*pants slightly*

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Tags: birthdays, fandom, good people, interesting people

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