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Dept. of Placeholders

Still Here

So an insurrection happened. And may still be happening. We'll see how the next 5-6 days play out.  I'm still dealing with a lot of poisonous anger, which doesn't seem apt to go away any time soon, especially with the increasing evidence of help for the traitors outside from inside the halls of Congress. Perhaps I can talk about it later. Right now, no, except to say I'm counting down the days to Jan. 21. Perhaps I can take a breath then.

A woman I like, respect, and care about, 
[personal profile] ljgeoff , had a birthday on the 14th. She is most estimable, most formidable, a woman of will, and nearly infinite love. Oh, and she writes beautiful fiction even as she works and cares for those around her. Would that more humans were like her. 

I am coming off of *thinks* 11 days of back pain, a lot of which was spent on my back. That kind of pain makes it very hard to focus on posting or writing. Instead, I've watched a lot of Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert show clips during the times I could sit up at my desk. I truly hope I can be more productive soon but I'm having a different stress reaction now in my mouth, about which the less said, the less gross this sentence will end up. 

But I'm here. I'll get back to reading posts and responding. Take care, love each other, be safe, and hope like hell we get to Jan. 21,
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