kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Health Achievement Unlocked


Look carefully, and you will see the proof of my second COVID-19 vaccination, hence the w00t. Bob and I took our second trip down to Chicago's United Center. Our shots were about 2.5 hours apart, albeit on the same day. Between them, we found a perfectly wonderful walk-up burger and dog place, where we had deliciously unhealthy food (I fully expect my body to get me back for the double bacon burger, but oh my god, was it good. And I say that even as I try to work my way out of meat-eating.) Then it was back to the UC for Bob's shot.  Huzzah! 

Of course, discovering after his return to the car that the car's battery had died bid fair to turn things ... unhappy. Luckily, our auto insurance includes roadside service, and they were able to send someone over to give us a jump within 10 minutes. Huzzah again! And since we were already going to take the car in for an unconnected problem on Thursday, we'll have them put a new battery in the Little Orange Hyundai. 

My arm is a little more sore this time than it was after the initial shot, but so far, that's it. Bob hasn't had much reaction either, beyond a little tiredness. 

Here's hoping that all of you either have had some or all of your vaccinations, or are scheduled to. 
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Tags: health, life in the circus, woo-hoo!

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