kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Aches and Pains

Well, They Said the Second Dose Would Pack A Wallop

... and the ubiquitous "they" were right. I went to bed last night with an increasingly stiff right arm.  I'/d exercised it a lot throughout the day, and took some Excedrin before going to bed, as I normally do, but I probably needed more Tylenol. 

This morning I woke up with a temp of 100.3. Even with fever reducers, it was still about 99.9 half an hour ago.  I'm also absolutely dragged out. Bob's very tired and achy, but in his case, we're not sure whether that's because of his vaccination or some of his chronic situation. Either way, we're definitely feeling poorly. 

But since I was kind of expecting to be hit fairly hard, it hasn't really changed my happiness at getting the final shot. I know this will abate over the next day or day and a half. 

Still, yeah; it's been hard to get things done. I've managed to change cat litter, water plants, and sweep the kitchen. Go, me ....

I thought our local temperatures would drop more today than they have. They're still in the 70s (yesterday, April 6, and it was up in the mid-80s), so we were able to open the windows again, to let fresh air circulate. We haven't gotten to the point where we need the AC on. and the temperature is supposed to be a more seasonal appropriate 50-55 tomorrow and the next few days. It's been enjoyable to get all the fresh air over the last couple of days, though. 

I think I'm going to toddle off and lay down for a while. Then I have some lentil soup to make, Hope all is well with everyone. 
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