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Fashion Rearward

Kenley - Vintage Fashion Cockroach or Tim-Dissing Disaster? Discuss.
     Remember when Wendy Pepper was advised not to Defend the Shoes, waaaay back in Season One? Remember how she whined and whinged and held pity parties for herself?
     I liked Wendy Pepper more than I like Kenley this season. I like Suede more than I like Kenley. Suede at least tried occasionally to get out of his box. He also wasn't mean or unnervingly ept at sabotaging fellow designers. 
     Understand that I don't think any the five designers necessarily had it easy with the silly "Dress Each Other Up in a Musical-Style-Themed Outfit" challenge with which they were presented this week. A lot of discussion about the episode over at TWoP has centered on the silliness of expecting modern music to set a given style for its practitioners. Musical genres are less rigid than the producers and directors - and judges - seemed to think, and musicians now largely dress in whatever the hell they want, with some caveats.
    But Kenley whined about how difficult her genre was in a way none of the other designers whined.
    And worse - much, much worse - was her childish, petulant, rude response to Tim Gunn when he very politely (he can never be anything less than polite, mind, because he is *Tim Gunn*) questioned her grasp of hip-hop. 
Frankly, even though his understanding was a trifle dated, he had a better grasp than she did, which made her overconfident assumption of Purfekt Nolidge even more grating.
Don't Defend the Shoes. Bitch.
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