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Monday mourning

Thoughts on the way to Elsewhere

1) Sometimes it amazes me how little I like arising from bed each day. Not often, though, because I'm a professional slugabed.

2) If my new office environs don't provide me with a significant, and constant, flow of real coffee, I shall become quite exercised.

3) Three days (I devoutly hope) until I can find out what has killed my automobile heater. And get it fixed.

4) I am not quite certain why I've developed a near constant craving for Marmite. I know I am not pregnant.

5) I will accept any and all good vibes, virtual hugs and healthy thoughts on behalf of my best beloved, who has been ambushed and left for         wishes-he-were-dead by a rotten cold.

Tags: family, life in the circus, meanderings, work
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