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Christmas Question
     This is no poll, but I am seeking a few opinions. Yours, to be precise.
     What singer, or band, or other musical grouping - pop, rock, classical, world, jazz, blues, instrumental, you name it - have you discovered, loved, and played repeatedly this year? Give me one, two, or three who leap immediately to mind. And if you think of others later, drop back and tell me about them. And, if you'd care to, give me a one or two-sentence idea of what you like about said musical entity, or a suggested favorite track.
     I'll start. I've been playing Rockferry, the CD by Duffy, the young Welsh songstress. The single "Mercy" caught my interest first, with its seductive Motown bass line, and she did the rest. As for fave tracks? "Mercy"  and "Rockferry" are both fantastic.
    So. How about it?

ETA: Thanks so much, guys; your suggestions mean I'll be learning about, and probably enjoing a whole bunch of new and wonderful music. I'll try to think of more music I've been listening to lately, and I'll let you know about it when it pops into my head. In the meantime, keep 'em coming. This is fun!
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