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Nov. 14th, 2007

Notes from the Front
1) Went to the optometrist's today. Paid too much, but still significantly lower than I would have without my health care plan. It's going to take them two weeks to get the glasses to me. Hellooooo, that kind of time lag was acceptable in the 1960s, people. In Nova Scotia. This is 2007. In Chicago. Major city? Hub of commerce? Fast? Not so much.

2) Speaking of fast, the Condo association people aren't. They were supposed to come and talk to us about carpeting. They did not. Tomorrow's another day, one supposes.

3) Working on my OT3 fic. Starting to get into it. Getting just a titch nervous about it.

4) FB had a terrible migraine today; I hate the fact he's picked up yet another winning gene bomb from his parents.

5) Oh, and Project Runway rocks.


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Nov. 15th, 2007 01:40 pm (UTC)
1) hmmm I think it took me less than a week but I have a fairly light perscription. Nothing to difficult and Winnipeg is the center of North America ;-). I wonder if it is because I paid up front (to claim the deductible from Blue Cross later)?

2)Are the Condo Association short of cash? Could lead to some foot dragging.

3) I don't know what an OT3 fic is.

4) The things we stick our kids with. My son has big feet, grows fast (no co-ordination) and is almost terminally shy.

5) and what did you expect from project runway? I cannot stand most reality TV... nor most TV period. Even history and non fictional programming is fluffed up so 30 minutes of program will fill an hour. sigh.
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