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I amuse myself

Why BB Rocks My World, Part the 2,356th
     We are sitting, watching Bruce Springsteen, via the latest WTTW-Television beg-a-thon. We are singing along, generally rocking out, and being the Springsteen fans we are.
     Now, being a Springsteen fan means, in our household at least, being a Clarence Clemens fan as well. Because The Big Man ... well ... he's The Big Man. And if you don't know what I mean by that ....
     Anyhow, there he is, the Big Man, big as life, and twice as beautiful, with his sax and his percussion tools, his gorgeous braids, his imposing height, his more-than-imposing physique, his positively barrel-like arms —
     And BB looks at him, then at me, and says, "Alright, you go back and fire up the Stargate."

     I love that man of mine.

Tags: family, life in the circus, skiffy, television

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