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Natal Excellence

Belated, but Heartful
Many heartfelt birthday wishes go to a man I respect greatly; mostlikely2  . Jacob, you are one of the most gifted writers it's been my pleasure to read. But your writing is only a reflection of you. You have a fierce belief in what is right, in what is good, and in how you fill your own place in the universe. And you fill it well - with wit, with understanding (and more than occasional asperity); with curiosity, with wisdom and love, and with grace. May your life over the next year be filled with good things, and few fools. It's an honor to know you in the small way I do.

(And I may disagree with your reaction to the BSG finale, but I love the way you write about it. Heh.)

Tags: birthdays, good people, interesting people, television without pity, twop

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