kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,


Today, I have ...
1) Been a little disappointed at not getting out to Lombard to Alien Entertainment, at which I'd hoped to indulge in an orgy of fannish buying. On the other hand, it was cold, snowy, and the journey would have been without my Best Beloved. It can wait.
2) Gotten more than half of the jobs I tasked myself with today done. I'm rather impressed with this, given my track record over the past two weeks.
3) Had altogether too much ice cream.
4) Dyed my hair. It's quite Donna-ish right now. I am well pleased.
5) Developed a bit of a taste for split pea soup with ham. Which, of course, means I must make some tomorrow.
6) Been impressed with the cheesily magnificent, and oddly sophisticated 1926 movie Don Juan; John Barrymore really buckled his own swash with elan, Mary Astor was pretty cool as the woman who taught him how not to be a cad, Estelle Taylor was one hell of a Lucrezia Borgia, Myrna Loy played a snake of a lady's maid; everyone else was magnifico, including - and especially - Willard Louis, the guy who played Don Juan's servant. God, I love TCM.
7) Decided that the world isn't quite as dark as it seemed last Thursday and Friday. I have no doubt that, at some point, I'll decide it's dark all over again. But not tonight.

Tags: family, home stuff, meanderings

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